In 2013 Flocovers Inc. comes to the market with the goal of eliminating the noise and scratches made by the friction of the boat fender against the haul. So, we have launched new fender covers made of two lining of fabric thus achieving our main objective. To date, the quality of our boat fender covers is well appreciated by all boaters.

Over the years we have launched new products thus positioning Flocovers Inc. as a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality marine supplies and accessories at competitive prices. During this evolution we have put all our efforts to provide a high level of service to meet customer’s expectations.

In 2015, Flocovers Inc. became the Canadian distributor for the FastFender™ boat fender adjusters. Furthermore, we launched a fully transactional website , added new point of sales with marinas and chandleries, and increased our presence on various E-Commerce platforms.

In 2017, we designed and launched onto the market new pole guide covers used on wake boat trailers. 2018, a complete line of lifeline cushions comes to life for the security and comfort of all sailors. The following year a beautiful line-up of BBQ covers was introduce in our catalogue.

Today, 2021, we are proud to present our brand-new website designed to improve your shopping experience. With the upcoming season, we remain committed to pursue the development of new products, and to accelerate our market growth.